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Product Design Interview

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Ask clarifying questions
  • User Focus: Prioritize clarifying user pain points and context.

  • Scope Clarity: Understand project boundaries and constraints.

  • Metric Alignment: Seek clear success metrics for guided solutions.

Sample Answer ย ย 
  • What specific aspect of Instagram do you want to improve?

  • What metrics are we looking to improve?

  • Do we have any user feedback or complaints that we can leverage?

Start with a goal
  • Outcome Definition: Clearly define the desired end result or goal.

  • Relevance Check: Ensure the goal aligns with larger product objectives.

  • Measurability: Identify metrics to gauge achievement effectively.

Sample Answer ย ย 
  • To improve the user experience of Instagram and increase user engagement

Define user segments and pick one segment
  • Segment Exploration: Identify potential user groups related to the problem.

  • Segment Relevance: Evaluate segments' alignment with the issue and product vision.

  • Focused Selection: Choose one segment with highest impact and feasibility.

Sample Answer ย ย 
  • Casual users

  • Influencers

  • Businesses

Define user journey for that segment
  • Starting Point: Begin with the user's initial interaction or entry point.

  • Step Sequencing: Outline key steps and touchpoints throughout their interaction.

  • End Goals: Identify the desired outcomes or actions at each stage.

Sample Answer ย ย 
  • Step 1: User opens the Instagram app

  • Step 2: User scrolls through the feed

  • Step 3: User interacts with posts (liking, commenting, sharing)

  • Step 4: User checks notifications and DMs

  • Step 5: User explores new content (Explore page)

  • Step 6: User navigates to their own profile

Identify pain points in the user journey
  • Pain Point Probe: Investigate specific challenges and discomforts the segment faces.

  • Need Identification: Pinpoint critical requirements and aspirations of the chosen segment.

  • Empathy Emphasis: Strive to deeply understand their perspective and experiences.

Sample Answer ย ย 
    Journey StepPain Point
    1.Step 2: User scrolls through the feedFeeling overwhelmed by a large number of posts
    2.Step 3: User interacts with postsDifficulty in discovering high-quality content
    3.Step 5: User explores new content (Explore page)Lack of personalized recommendations
Prioritise pain points
  • Impact Assessment: Evaluate pain points based on potential influence on user experience.

  • Frequency Consideration: Prioritize issues that occur frequently or have a significant impact.

  • Alignment with Goals: Rank pain points in relation to overall product objectives.

Sample Answer ย ย 
    Feeling overwhelmed by a large number of posts670.857
    Difficulty in discovering high-quality content751.4
    Lack of personalized recommendations590.556
Generate Solutions
  • Diverse Ideation: Brainstorm a range of creative solutions for the prioritized pain point.

  • Feasibility Check: Assess each solution's practicality, considering resources and constraints.

  • User-Centricity: Ensure solutions directly address user needs and preferences.

Sample answer ย ย 

Prioritised Pain: Feeling overwhelmed by a large number of posts


  • Introduce AI-powered content curation

  • Implement friend-based recommendations

  • Enhance user profiles with more customization options

Prioritise Solutions
  • Solution Impact: Evaluate potential positive outcomes and benefits of each solution.

  • Resource Demand: Consider the required time, effort, and resources for implementation.

  • Alignment with Strategy: Rank solutions that best align with product vision and objectives.

Sample answer ย ย 
    Implement friend-based recommendations842
    Enhance user profiles with more customization options632
    Introduce AI-powered content curation961.5
  • Problem Understanding: Emphasize clear grasp of user pain points and context.

  • Focused Approach: Highlight selecting a segment and pain point for maximum impact.

  • Innovative Solutions: Mention diverse ideas and prioritized, feasible solutions.

  • Strategic Alignment: Showcase solutions' relevance to overall product strategy.

Sample Answer ย ย 
  • For casual users, a pain point of feeling overwhelmed by a large number of posts is a high priority. To address this, we can introduce AI-powered content curation, which has a high impact and moderate effort. Additionally, enhancing user profiles with more customization options can improve the overall experience. Finally, implementing friend-based recommendations can help with the difficulty in discovering high-quality content. These solutions prioritize improving user engagement and personalized recommendations.